Are you thinking of internationalizing your business? Do you need to export your products and services to Spanish, French, English or Portuguese speaking countries?

for internationalization…

Internationalization requires a big effort, in terms of strategy, marketing and operations. To help you with this task, that’s IT can provide you with technical support in several areas, such as marketing and business materials translation or your specific products and services technical materials translation.

Nothing compares to perceiving your business as my home business…

… don’t forget localization!

Localization (L10n) goes a step beyond translation and looks to express your products and services key concepts into formulas the target market will perceive as it’s own.; this is why it is crucial that these formulas convey the cultural, sociological, socio-political aspects, so that you approach and get to your prospects in the most natural and close possible way.

Based on my experience as an international translator and software development project manager, as well as my knowledge of business administration and digital marketing, I am in a position to provide you with high quality website localization and software

my localization services

  • website localization

    Web localization is a flexible service. Depending on the client’s needs the web localization service may include one or more of the following subservices:

    • web site content localization.
    • SEO copywritng.
    • SEM advertising/campaigns localization.
  • software localization

    Depending on the client’s needs, the software localization service may include one or more of the following subservices:

    • localization of the user interface of information systems or applications.
    • help localization, both on-line help and user manuals.
    • project documentation localization (user, operation, administration manuals, etc.).

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