Usually the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of interpreters or interpreting is what we know as «simultaneous interpreting», the kind of interpreting performed at events, conferences, etc. Relatively few people, besides the professionals in the industry, are aware that there is a variety of specialized interpreting services, depending on the way the interpreter performs his/her work (either simultaneously with the speaker or sequentially, after the speaker has finished his/her points), on the environment where the interpreting takes place (e.g. conferences, work meetings, business meetings, negotiations, etc.) and other aspects.

why are my interpreting services different?

The interpreting services I am able to provide you as that’s IT are unique, taking into account that:

♥ they focus on the topics and areas in which I specialize.

♥ you can choose any of my language pair combinations (ES<>EN, ES<>FR, ES<>PT, EN<>FR, EN<>PT, FR<>PT) or even more than one combination if required.

♥ my interpreting services give you an added value that differentiate them from other interpreting services in the market:

♦ they can go beyond the limits of interpreting itself. Since I have specific hands-on experience in the technical matters I specialize in, not only can I guarantee a high quality level but I can also provide you technical support should you need it.

♦ they can go along with my consulting services. I can, for example, provide you project management support for your international projects or any other similar services where a technical and multilingual profile is required.

my interpreting services

  • consecutive interpreting

    It starts when the speaker is done speaking or pauses between parts of his/her speech; the interpreter listens and, once the speaker makes a pause, he/she orally translates the contents into the target language.

  • liason interpreting

    Bidirectional interpreting, aiming at facilitating the understanding and communication between two parties that speak different languages. It may involve two people, a person and a small group or two small groups.

  • telephone interpreting

    It is a particular type of liaison interpreting where the communication takes place over the phone or other telecommunication means.

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